Most Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools Right Now

Trending Crypto Coins: The frenzy surrounding meme coins in the crypto market continues, with new coins emerging regularly and investors seeking the next big success story. Here are the top five trending Ethereum-based ERC-20 coins on DEX Tools, a decentralized exchange (DEX) analysis website.

  1. Pepe (PEPE): Pepe (PEPE) has reclaimed the top spot on the DEX Tools trending coins list. Despite trading sideways in the $0.0000014s range, it maintains a market cap of around $600 million. Analysts express skepticism about further upside potential due to its already high market cap and the rapidly evolving nature of the meme coin market.
  2. RefundCoin (RFD): After a recent setback, RefundCoin is back on an upward trajectory. Trading at approximately $0.00008 per token on Uniswap, it is not far from its recent all-time highs in the $0.0001 range. Compared to its listing price of around $0.0000036, it has seen an increase of over 220x.
  3. PSYOP (PSYOP): PSYOP, the meme coin launched following a controversial presale by the creator of Ben token (BEN), is currently trending. With a trading price just below $0.003, PSYOP continues to receive airdrops for presale investors. It is trading around 3x higher than its decentralized exchange listing price and has a market cap of over $1.5 billion, although this is inflated due to artificial scarcity.
  4. Ben Token (BEN): BEN, which was recently taken over by controversial crypto influencer Ben Armstrong from Ben.eth, reached all-time highs in the $0.00000029 range and is currently trading around $0.000000245. Early investors who entered at a much lower price may have gained at least 80x returns.
  5. Apu (APU): Following the success of the Homer Simpson meme coin, several coins related to other Simpson characters have emerged. Apu is the latest to capture the market’s attention. After launching on Uniswap at around $0.0000008, APU is now trading at around $0.0000023, representing a gain of close to 3x.

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