Bitcoin Developers Divided Over How to Deal with Meme Coin Explosion – What’s Going On?

Bitcoin’s new “Ordinals” protocol has sparked controversy among developers as some claim it is clogging the blockchain. Critics suggest regular transactions should be prioritized and others classified as spam. However, supporters view it as an innovation that should be celebrated. Stably has already launched Bitcoin’s first native US dollar stablecoin using the BRC-20 standard.

Japan Blockchain Week 2023 Receives Backing from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Japan Blockchain

Japan Blockchain Week 2023 is set to take place in Tokyo from June 18 to July 9. Backed by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the event is a crucial platform for promoting Japan’s Web3 ecosystem to the world and fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among Japanese and international participants. With a diverse range of community events and the opportunity for networking and knowledge-sharing, this event is essential for those interested in the blockchain and crypto space.

Bitcoin Price Prediction as BTC Breaks Above $27,000 Resistance

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Bitcoin has made a significant move by surpassing the crucial resistance level of $27,000, igniting anticipation among investors and traders regarding its next potential price trajectory. This breakout has propelled Bitcoin into uncharted territory, shifting the focus to identifying the next target levels and potential movements for the cryptocurrency. Coinbase CEO Brian … Read more

Trending Crypto Coins – CatGPT, Injustice Samurai, Jim, Planet Trend on DEXTools

Today, some of the most trending crypto coins on DEXTools are $CATGPT, $IS, $JIM, and $PLANET, capturing the attention of traders with their explosive price action. These coins have claimed the top spots on the hot pairs list, indicating significant market interest and potential trading opportunities. Joining them on the DEXTboard are other notable coins … Read more

Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction- Impressive Surge, Gains 30% and Eyes Recovery

Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction: Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) has experienced a significant rise of up to 30% today, reaching a current price of $0.00009923. This surge represents a 10% gain in the past 24 hours, indicating a positive trend for the altcoin. Over the course of a week, LUNC has also seen a 12% … Read more

Game Changer: Wall Street Memes ($WSM) Raises $4M in Ongoing Presale

In a matter of just 10 days, Wall Street Memes ($WSM), a highly anticipated meme coin, has managed to raise an impressive $4 million from eager buyers. With $4,057,875 already raised in the ongoing presale, the coin’s popularity and demand are soaring. As the raise total approaches $4,168,000, the price is set to shift to … Read more

Future of Crypto: New Approach to Proof-of-Work Consensus!

A collaborative team of researchers from Australian and American universities, in partnership with quantum technology company BTQ, has published a research paper proposing a novel approach to the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism using boson sampling. The newly introduced “proof-of-work consensus by quantum sampling” utilizes quantum computing techniques to achieve faster and more energy-efficient validation of … Read more

XRP Price Prediction: XRP Reclaims $0.50 Mark as Bullish Momentum Builds

XRP Price Prediction

In a positive turn of events, XRP, the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has once again crossed the $0.50 mark per token. This resurgence comes after a strong bullish run over the past three weeks, as XRP aims to reignite its momentum in the market. XRP serves as the native cryptocurrency of the XRP Ledger, … Read more

Bitcoin News: BTC Surges Above $27,000; Key Level to Monitor Today

In an impressive bullish surge, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has surpassed the $27,000 level, capturing the attention of cryptocurrency investors and traders. This upward movement has sparked optimism and speculation about the near-term direction of BTC. As Bitcoin reclaims this crucial level, market participants will closely monitor its price action and key levels to … Read more

Republican Lawmakers Propose Draft Legislation to Regulate Digital Assets Law

Digital Assets Law

Digital Assets Law: In a joint effort, Republican lawmakers from the US House Financial Services Committee and the House Agriculture Committee have unveiled a discussion draft aimed at regulating digital assets. The legislation, which was released on Friday, seeks to provide clarity on the classification of digital assets as securities, thereby determining their regulation by … Read more