Best Crypto to Buy Now May – Conflux, Copium, Neo,, Kava, Sponge, Ecoterra

Best Crypto to Buy Now:  Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has recently announced that starting from June 1, retail investors will be allowed to trade certain cryptocurrencies. This policy change has had a small positive impact on Bitcoin’s price, which is up 1.3% today at $27,384.

However, Bitcoin has been facing challenges due to China’s hardline stance against cryptocurrencies. Despite Hong Kong’s status as a global financial hub, the city has been cautious in its approach due to China’s crypto crackdown. While the new rule change from Hong Kong may provide a boost to the crypto market, it is expected that significant moves will take time to materialize.

Bitcoin has maintained dominance over other cryptocurrencies, accounting for over 45% of the total crypto market since March. However, anticipated spikes in Bitcoin transaction volume and value during “pizza day” did not occur this year. This lack of significant movement indicates that Bitcoin is still searching for direction, even as more mainstream institutions adopt cryptocurrencies. While Hong Kong’s rule change is a positive step, the cautious approach suggests that wider crypto adoption may still have a long way to go.

Best Crypto to Buy Now in May 2023

For investors looking to capitalize on this news, some of the best cryptocurrencies to consider include CFX, COPIUM, NEO, AI, KAVA, SPONGE, and ECOTERRA. These cryptocurrencies have either strong fundamentals or favorable technical analysis.

Conflux (CFX)

Conflux (CFX) is currently trading at $0.3157, reflecting a 2.02% decline today. However, technical indicators suggest a prevailing bullish trend, with CFX trading above all its EMAs (20-day, 50-day, and 100-day). The RSI value is above 50, indicating buying pressure surpassing selling pressure. The MACD histogram shows a slight increase, suggesting a potentially bullish signal. Despite the minor setback, Conflux still showcases a generally bullish sentiment based on the technical indicators.


$COPIUM recently conducted a token burn event, resulting in the permanent removal of 250 million tokens from circulation. This event has had a significant impact on the cryptocurrency’s market conditions, with a 36% increase in price during morning trading hours in Europe. $COPIUM offers real utility within the NFT ecosystem and has a strong community presence, making it one of the best cryptos to consider for meme coin enthusiasts.

Neo (NEO)

Neo (NEO) has gained 8.23% in the previous day and is currently testing a critical Fib level at $9.97. The cryptocurrency is facing resistance from the 50-day and 100-day EMAs, which are acting as immediate resistance levels. NEO’s current price is hovering around $10.16, and its ability to break the resistance levels will determine its further bullish pursuit. Technical indicators suggest a mild bullish momentum, with the price holding above the 20-day EMA and the Fib 0.236 support level.

Kava (KAVA)

Kava (KAVA) has maintained a bullish trend for two weeks, achieving a YTD high of $1.550. After a minor pullback, the cryptocurrency is currently priced at $1.184, reflecting a 10.24% gain today. The 20-day, 50-day, and 100-day EMAs signal a positive market sentiment for KAVA, and the current volume surge confirms strong buying pressure. KAVA’s immediate resistance is at the Fib 0.5 level at $1.225, and breaking this resistance could lead to further ascension.


$SPONGE has quickly gained popularity since its debut and has become one of the top trending tokens on DEXTools. Inspired by Spongebob Squarepants, $SPONGE has a playful synergy of pop culture and blockchain technology. The token’s market cap peaked at $96 million, and it has received support from a dedicated community of enthusiasts. However, it’s important to note that meme coins like $SPONGE can be highly volatile and speculative, so careful consideration and risk management are advised when investing in such assets.

Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)

Another cryptocurrency to consider is Ecoterra (ECOTERRA). This eco-friendly digital currency aims to promote sustainability and environmental consciousness through its blockchain platform. ECOTERRA has gained significant attention in recent months, with its price currently trading at $0.1024, reflecting a 4.52% gain today. The technical analysis indicates a positive trend, with the cryptocurrency trading above its 20-day and 50-day EMAs. The RSI value is around 55, suggesting a balanced buying and selling pressure. ECOTERRA’s ability to break resistance levels at $0.105 could lead to further price appreciation.

Lastly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a sector that has been gaining traction in the cryptocurrency space. Several AI-focused cryptocurrencies, such as SingularityNET (AGI) and (FET), offer innovative solutions powered by machine learning and decentralized networks. These projects have shown potential in bridging the gap between AI technology and blockchain. However, it’s important to conduct thorough research and understand the fundamentals and roadmap of each project before making any investment decisions.

Disclaimer: This post is just for informational purpose not a financial advice. Remember, investing in cryptocurrencies carries inherent risks, and it’s essential to make informed decisions based on your own financial goals, risk tolerance, and research. It’s always advisable to consult with a financial advisor or do your own due diligence before investing in any asset. Please note that cryptocurrency prices and market conditions are highly volatile and can change rapidly. It’s recommended to use up-to-date information from reliable sources and conduct your own analysis before making any investment decisions.

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